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House Bar | 15kg

Our 210K PSI steel shaft combined with 10 needle bearings and chrome sleeves ranks the House Bar as one of the smoothest and highly rated barbells available for the sport of Weightlifting.

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210,000 PSI
10 needle bearings
79.14” - IWF Standard
Rust resistant coating on shaft
Chrome sleeves - 12.5”
Single Olympic knurl mark
Diameter - 25mm
Warranty - 5 year

Care guide

Wipe After Every Session:
- Use a cloth to wipe down the barbell after each workout to remove sweat and moisture.
- Prevents rust buildup, especially in cold environments.
Monthly Maintenance:
- Periodically wipe the barbell with a silicone-based lubricant to maintain the coating.
- For Olympic Barbells, drop oil in the sleeves for optimal spin and performance.
Chalk Removal:
- After using chalk, promptly clean the barbell to prevent moisture retention, using a stiff nylon brush or toothbrush.

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House Bar | 15kg
House Bar | 15kg
House Bar | 15kg
House Bar | 15kg
House Bar | 15kg

The House bar was designed in 2017 in collaboration with famed weightlifting coach Glenn Pendlay. It quickly became a favourite among weightlifters around the world.
The 25mm shaft has a rust resistant coating as well as a medium sharp knurl which allows for daily training without any grip or hand issues.

The sleeves are chrome and we use 10 needle bearings for the smoothest of lifts. All specs are in line with the IWF regulations for the sport of Weightlifting.

Weightlifters swear by the House Bar, and so too will you.

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